March 2017


Join us as Daryn DeZengotita of Table Co-Working & Social Impact Spaces interviews Adam Barlow-Thompson and Matt Johnson about their experience cultivating spiritual community in their neighborhood by helping connect people with their strengths and with each other. Learn about how their community is unfolding, what our neighbors can teach us about God, and hear a selection from their folk band, Brutal Bear.

Join us for a conversation with Larry Duggins, prolific author and leader of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. Listen to Larry talk about his journey from corporate jetsetter to leader of a group of spiritual pioneers, the unusually holistic method of formation they use with their leaders, and the exciting new projects that are on their horizon.

Join us for a conversation with Luke Lingle, Katey Rudd, and Karen Doucette, a bold venture in reclaiming church space for community use in Asheville, North Carolina. Hear them share about the day to day experience of bringing a project like this off the ground, the ways that the non-religious are partnering to help make their dream a reality, and the day to day reality of being a team together.

Join us for a beautiful conversation with Lisa and Justin Hancock of the Julian Way, an intentional community for people of all abilities and physical embodiment. Listen to Lisa and Justin tell their story of what it’s like to live as a differently abled family, the spiritual pressure of “passing” as normal, and how communities can fully integrate people of different abilities into their life together.

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