February 2017


My conversation with Bret could have gone in a thousand different directions – neo-monasticism, church planting, training leaders, doing coaching, the shape of teaching 21st century Christian leaders; but I think this was perhaps the most fruitful. If you’re looking for encouragement and guidance to stretch your spiritual imaginations, this is well worth the listen.


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Join us for a conversation with the quintessential man of many hats, Bret Wells, of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. He tells us the story of how God has stretched his spiritual horizons, the gifts and challenge of a life lived as a spiritual frontier, and the resources that the monastic movement has to offer spiritual pioneers of all types.

Join us for an updated conversation with Daryn DeZengotita of . Hear one of the most complete stories we’ve ever told about a new ministry, from Daryn’s dream of working in intentional community, to her Advent time sitting alone in a church basement full of pianos, to the ups and downs of starting the Mix in partnership with White Rock UMC, to the beautiful “accelerated serendipity” that is the co-working space today.

Join us for a conversation with Hannah Terry, pastor of Westbury UMC and the FAM Ministry, which builds bridges between refugees, immigrants, and other people in a cluster of apartment buildings in Houston, TX. Hannah provides us with a unique look into the day-to-day life of a spiritual pioneer, as she shares openly about her failures, her joys, how she experiences community, and how she finds spiritual resources to stay in the work for the long-term.

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