We just released an audio essay that I wrote, called “Daddy, did we hurt them?” for the podcast that I co-host for The BTS Center. It’s about a heartbreaking and beautiful conversation I had with my son Michael and my reflections on what it means to be a parent in an era of climate devastation (with a lot of shout-outs to island life.)
I got really raw in this one and it’s the best twelve minutes I could offer on my journey through anger and guilt into hope.
Hope you get a chance to listen and let me know what you think.


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  1. Keith Boucher Reply

    Hard to articulate after listening.
    I think about my grandkids and their future
    I think about my ownership
    I think about our ignorance
    I think about ninth grade in Mr Fuller’s Earth science class (1970) talking about “ecology after the first Earth Day
    I think about recycling and plastic
    I think about DEI, slavery and colonialism
    I think about Pakistan and how 1/3 of the country is flooded and 18 million people displaced
    I think about what has been lost, never to return
    There is extreme grief.
    But I do believe in hope and will do my best to fight the good fight going forward
    Thx for making me think!

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