My conversation with Beth Ann Estock is now live as we begin Season Three of Reports from the Spiritual Frontier! A few particular reasons you might want to listen to this episode:

1) If you want a really honest look at what my 2017 was like, especially talking about my illness and decision to turn in my local pastor’s license.

2) Beth and I spend a lot of time talking about the unique dynamics and spiritual pressures of supervising a religious entrepreneur. If you’re a judicatory official (e.g. district superintendent, congregational developer, etc.), you’ll find it a very helpful listen. (And, if you’re a planter, you might find it helpful to send along to the person supervising you!)

3) If you like Larry DugginsElaine Heath, the Missional Wisdom FoundationRevSean SteeleSt. Isidore Episcopal, or Path 1 New Church Starts at Discipleship Ministries, who all get references *a lot* in the first twenty minutes of the episode.

And, of course, if you like what you hear, you’ll make this podcaster *very* happy if you can share this episode with your friends!


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