A brilliant idea from the Bridge, a new missional church in Ontario. From

Some of the people involved in The Bridge, a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church in Niagara Falls, Ont., are living out their mission by purchasing homes in identified neighborhoods. It is another venue for building relationship while rebuilding floors and walls.

“I think it’s setting a precedent of what a missional community really looks like,” said Rev. Allen Kleine-Deters, pastor at The Bridge.

Bridge participants Phil and Leanne Korten relocated to a fixer-upper in Niagara Falls from nearby Fenwick, Ont. “In the process [of renovations] they’ve developed a friendship in particular with one neighbor across the road . . . [and] this really cool friendship has developed that now has encompassed more of the Bridge people,” Kleine-Deters said…

“Since nothing has been done to the house in 40 years, we saw that as an opportunity to gut the entire house and create a space that will be inviting to friends and neighbors alike,” Vermeer said. “It’s so important to leave margins in our lives so that if someone wants to chat or needs a hand, we are always available.” (Alice Banner, The Banner.)

What would it look like if we chose to invest our resources in houses in poor neighborhoods rather than in our big-steepled religious fortresses?

What if we looked at ministries like this not just as a chance to do good, but to make friends as well?

Work like this gives Jesus a far better name than yet another new carpet, organ renovation, or church building renovation.

Hat Tip:  Jim Doepken

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  1. Keith Boucher Reply

    Love this idea! Was thinking about a burned out building down the street on Washington. This reinforces my beliefs. God working again! Thanks for keeping “My” Vine alive!

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