In the days ahead, there are organizations on the political front-lines that will especially need our time and money to do their work, which was made much harder by the events of Tuesday. So, if you are still sad and angry about Trump’s impending presidency (as I am), take a moment today to turn your feelings into action.

It’s a very simple process.

1) Pick an organization. (I’ve attached a handy list to the bottom of this post.

Now, these next two steps are VERY important:

2) Pledge to make a MONTHLY donation. This will ensure that they will continue to receive the resources they need, even after your shock and anger die down.

3) Commit to volunteer your time at least once for that organization in the coming year; whether that be making phone calls, going to a meet-up, or putting up a few signs.

Melissa Yosua-Davis and I will be doing this for, which does grassroots organization to fight climate change, and for Hope Acts, which provides support for immigrants in the Portland area.

If you do take me up on my advice, post which organization you’re supporting in the comments below. I’d love to learn how you’re putting your outrage into action.

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