Nanowrimo is not happening for me this year, but I’m trying to write everyday in November. I’ll be posting fragments of what I write here daily, edited very lightly for clarity and grammar. Here’s post #13.

“I suck horribly at Sabbath, but not in the most technical sense. Monday has been my day-off, not my “kind of do some work in the morning and check my e-mail” type of day off, but a day of silence and rest, every since I was in college. I have dutifully taken vacations since I was in my early twenties, and strategically planned them so as to maximize my rest.

But the spirit of Sabbath – the sense that I have created, and now it’s okay to be done, left me many years ago. My work has framed my life. I try to put something productive into the world, I try to pursue career, I try to engage with my son; and then I try to rest, only enough so that I can be maximally efficient when I work again.”

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