Morgan Guyton

 I’ve never interviewed a guest so willing to say “I don’t know” or “I’m working through that” as Morgan. If you’ve ever wondered what the interior life of an blogger in the public eye looks like, Morgan gives a vulnerable, honest, open window into the spiritual blessings and challenges of his vocation. I hope he inspires you to greater authentic vulnerability in your own life, just as he did for me.

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2 thoughts on “Morgan Guyton

  1. Ben
    Enjoyed this conv with Morgan
    Thx. This brought the whole “online words” and how they impact people into focus for me.
    The section where he talks about humbling someone who he viewed as arrogant and then meeting that person face to face and seeing the hurt was moving.
    I often feel that sometimes the free flowing words (sometimes a war of words) can be dehumanizing and that they are just words and not intentions. How do we balance the need to publish/post with true intention?
    Best k

    1. It’s a great question…and one I’m definitely figuring out. I’m beginning to feel that unless it feels “true” to me, post clicks don’t matter so much! (Of course, as soon as I’m doing writing this comment, I’m going to go check to see how many clicks my blog got this last week!)

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