I’ve now processed the brilliant set of suggestions that you e-mailed, commented, called, buttonholed, and messaged me with and ruthlessly culled them down to five. If your name did not make the list, please do not be personally offended. While your suggestion was no doubt wonderful, I have to live with it more or less forever, which means while it would not doubt be perfect for you, it may only be, say, 80% optimal for me.

There is also a bonus poll, as I got not one, but two (!) suggestions for a theme song for the truck. So after you vote on the name, check out the undercard and weigh in on appropriate music as well.

[crowdsignal poll=10512288]

And now, our two contenders for the truck theme music.

[crowdsignal poll=10512758]

Voting closes in one week (March 6th) so vote early and often! (If you can fool my fancy polling widget doodad, that is.)



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